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How AIDS/HIV spread


Storyteller: Many years ago there was a man called Patrick, that man was a butcher. One day Patrick went to the market, he saw a beautiful girl and that girl was called Mwiza.

Patrick: Hello! What is your name?

Mwiza: My name is Mwiza, and you?

Patrick: My name is Patrick

Mwiza: What is your job Patrick?

Patrick: I am a butcher, what about you?

Mwiza: I am a singer

Patrick: Could you give me your phone number please?

Mwiza: My phone number is 0722---06587

Patrick: Thank you Mwiza

Storyteller: Even if Patrick got that phone number  he did not know that Mwiza has HIV. One day Patrick went to visit Mwiza.

Patrick: Hello Mwiza! How are you?

Mwiza: I am fine, are you coming to visit me?

Patrick: yes, of course

Storyteller: When Patrick returned home, he dreamed that one day he will marry Mwiza

Patrick: Ooohh! I had  good dream, let me go to propose Mwiza

Storyteller: Patrick asked Mwiza, could you marry me?

Mwiza: with out hesitation Mwiza said yes!!

Storyteller: After few days Patrick and Mwiza got married but Patrick didn't remember that before marriage and have sex you should get an HIV test. After marriage and had sex with his wife Mwiza Patrick remembered to consult a doctor. when Patrick arrived to hospital he knock on doctor's door.

Doctor: Yes, come in

Patrick: Doctor I want to get HIV test

Doctor: Yes Patrick it is your right

Doctor: Sorry man!!! You have HIV virus

Patrick: Oooh!!! It can not be true. you are lying me

Doctor: No, I am not lying you, because you did sex with infected person

Patrick: How HIV spread?

Doctor: It spred in differeny ways, through unprotected sex with infected person, through sharing sharp object with someone who has HIV...

Patrick: May I take medecine and become well

Doctor: There is no cure of HIV but they are medecine which reduce HIV

Soryteler: Patrick went home  feeling sad

Mwiza : Honey, why are you sad?

Patrick: Don't make noise from me?

Mwiza: why are you telling your wife that bad ward?

Patrick: Because you caused me trouble

Mwiza: Whick trouble did I cause to you?

Patrick: You infected me HIV

Mwiza: What? I don't understand

Patrick: You have HIV

Mwiza: I didn't have sex before, how am I infected?

Patrick: HIV don't only spread during sex, you can be infected by sharing sharp object with someone who has HIV

Storyteller: Then Mwiza remembered that  one day she was prick by needle which hurted  Kalisa and Kalisa has HIV virus


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Micheal Amisi

Gender: Male
Age: 12

My name is Micheal Amisi and I am 12 years old. I like to read books and write my own story.

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